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Sandhurst Manor is about new beginnings, self-regeneration and healing.

Our logo symbolises the phoenix, which is always an auspicious sign for healing and renewal that can be used in any area of your life.

The phoenix symbolizes the eternal flame, which can mean faith, will or passion in your life. No matter how many times you get set back, the phoenix reminds you that you have within you the fire and resources to heal and be new again.

We believe in support, growth and connection.

Our team comprises of passionate, experienced and committed staff.

We meet you where you are at and encourage you to empower yourself into changing your life. Empowering people to empower themselves.


One size fits all treatment does not work.
We support our clients in a way that meets their needs in order to have the best possible outcomes.

We assist our clients in creating a healthy lifestyle, meaningful connections and direction towards their vision and purpose.

We have a variety of options available to choose from, please click here for more details or contact us for more information.


Sandhurst manor is a self development facility. We believe in supporting growth and connection in order to achieve freedom from self destructive behaviours.

Our team has decades of experience in empowering clients to change their lives.

We want to walk with you towards the life you want to create.

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I believe that the respect I was given as an adult was a huge part of it! The staff at Sandhurst Manor were not just welcoming but have become my support system and further, my family. I grew a lot through the Self-Esteem approach adopted by Nikki. My Golden Key Program, Revolution Groups and Hot Seats at Sandhurst Manor were crucial to my personal growth and growing authenticity. I was comforted and pushed throughout my experience and I was never made to feel less than, I was rather asked to respect and love myself and feel comfortable with who I am. Most of all, the forced reintroduction to a real structure


Sandhurst Manor saved my life and helped me find purpose in living again… I was welcomed with love, patience and understanding. I was pushed with love and consider it home away from home. The team is absolutely amazing and I will hold everyone close to my heart always! Thank you for helping my kids get their mama back and helping me be the best version of myself with all the unconditional love!


I love what I do because I understand what its like to feel lost and hopeless, so to be able to add some hope to someone’s life is truly fulfilling for me.

Pavi Moodley

Recovery group Facilitator, Sandhurst Manor

Sandhurst Manor offers a tranquil healing space for clients in different stages of their recovery. The staff are professional and friendly. They offer a diverse and tailored recovery program.


Referring Professional

A beautiful tranquil environment, which allowed me to grow through my process under amazing counselors and staff who all go the extra mile. It provided a great sense of community and warmth which is what I needed to embark on my healing journey.


Former Client

Good day

Hope you are well.

I wanted to just send you a msg today since it is one year since we submitted my brother to your place. I want to thank you again as your decision to take him in saved us and him and opened his way to rehab and recovery. How desperate I was for a night’s accommodation as he became so aggressive and abusive. Today he is a changed man. 1 year of rehab and therapy, he is praying and found himself. Thank you for the work you do and God bless you all for always doing such good work. I hope I can assist you in your efforts one day.

Testimonial from a grateful sister

Meneer, thank you to you and the Sandhurst team, especially Gambit (the resident pooch) for playing a fundamental and enormous role in saving my life. I am eternally grateful for you all walking hand in hand with me throughout the process.


Sandhurst Manor has saved my life. Perhaps not surprising as Nikki Munitz Moore has saved my life before. Great location to find serenity.



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