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The account of Nikki’s life can only be described as a Hero’s Journey. Doted on as the youngest, and only girl, of a middle classed, Jewish family steeped in traditional values, her formative years were happy; protected in the white-picket-fenced suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa. That is, until her father suddenly passed away when she was the tender age of ten-years old. Read more… 


Roberto is an advocate for breaking the stigma of addiction. He is passionate about helping those with substance use issues, particularly those who have been marginalized by society. Roberto’s goals include transforming systems and policies that prejudice those dealing with addiction and believes in humanizing people who have become outcasts so that they become fully participating members of society. As a sporting enthusiast, he brings sports activities to the process of recovery. His holistic approach looks at therapeutic methodologies as well as employment opportunities and skills development, in order to remove blockages to recovery and create new, healthy ways for people in recovery to connect in a healthy way. Roberto has extensive counselling experience and has worked at The Recovery Foundation, Trust in Hope Recovery House, and Phoenix House Addiction Rehabilitation Centre.

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